The Environ® skin care range was first formulated as a result of the misfortune of Dr. Fernandes, a prominent Cape Town (South Africa) plastic surgeon, when he attempted to treat the melanoma of two young patients who both died before they were twenty-three years old. Such a difficult experience leaves an indelible scar on one’s life as a doctor. For this reason, he started to study the mechanism of skin cancer and the skin, and thus, Environ® was born.

The introduction of vitamin A into the formulation of skin care products heralded a new era in the treatment of sun-damaged skin. Although some cosmetic houses were using very low doses of vitamin A in their skin care products in the 1980s, Dr. Des Fernandes was the first person in the world to introduce vitamin A in high effective doses. This range established Environ® as a leader in skin care in 1990.

Dr. Fernandes  soon expanded the number of products of Environ into a full skin care range. Environ® skin care products are still manufactured only under strictly controlled laboratory conditions at the Environ® factory in Cape Town, South Africa,  with a distribution network throughout more than 60 countries worldwide.